About the owners

Welcome to our happy place, "Be The Yellow!"

My name is Claire Carpenter, the owner of 'Be The Yellow.' In March of 2020, I started to doodle the words be the yellow. As times were hard being in lock-down, I often reminded myself to check up on my loved ones, making sure they were doing ok. Being the yellow in someones life was my new goal. It soon inspired me to encourage others to be that light for others throughout the world as well. 

I'm a 21-year-old college student, and while I work social media, marketing, and more, my beautiful mother does all the rest. When I pitched this idea to my mom back in 2020, her eyes lit up in excitement. She has always been a crafty soul, wanting to make new things, and spread kindness along the way - so she hopped on board without hesitation and we now run our business as a team, always coming up with new ideas and new ways to spread love and kindness.

Being the yellow to us means to help others find their smile, encouraging kindness every step of the way.